Volume 20, Number 9 September, 2017 

“In 1903, the British completed a narrow-gauge railway, whose diminutive locomotive led to its being called the “toy” train, to Shimla from Kalka. The UNESCO-recognized train route passes through 102 tunnels and crosses over 850 bridges. Before its advent, visitors had to travel the 69 kilometers (approximately 41 miles) from Kalka along a bridle path in two-wheeled carts pulled by pairs of ponies.” - Peter Aronson and Yésica del Moral, in "Shimla: India’s Queen of Hills".

At the August 27th monthly meeting, we shared in the thoughts, pictures and videos of layouts that were seen at the Tulsa convention. Even though we shared the same layouts, we saw them at different angles and perspectives. The fun part was not that we observed the same things, but that we observed them through different “lenses” of time. The lenses are shaped by our diverse backgrounds and life situations. For example, several years ago I had a good friend, George, who had been raised in Downers Grove and his father was an engineer on the commuter train to downtown Chicago. On weekends, his father would put 12-year-old George on the train, told him to spend the day downtown learning his way around Chicago, and then return home later in the day. We are talking the 1930-1940-time period. Can you imagine putting a child of any age by themselves on the CTA today??? George survived his forays to the Loop and lived a long and happy life while still being able to navigate the streets of Chicago.

I hope you are starting to understand what I mean by how we observe through different lenses. I would see some layouts and think of ways that I could incorporate something like that in my own layout where someone else would think they definitely did not want anything like that in their layout. Do you get the picture? Don’t restrict yourself. These are our railroads and our rules. Have fun.

I have waxed a little philosophical this time. Thanks for bearing with me. I promise a little more fun in the next edition.

Keep ‘em running,

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