Volume 21, Number 7 July, 2018 

"The right train of thought can take you to a better station in life." – Anonymous

I enjoy searching for quotes about trains. There seems to be a veritable plethora of them and a lot of them address the movement from point “A” to point “B” and the adventures we encounter on the journey.

One memorable journey was in the mid-seventies. I was stationed at Edwards AFB and we had planned to take an old Pullman coach on the newly established Amtrak from Barstow, California to Kansas City. As it was Christmas time, there was more than enough excitement for all. There were me, my wife Gayle, and our four-year-old daughter Tamryn. The route took two nights and one day and we allowed that would give us plenty of time for sleeping. Right!

Our room was ready for us as we got settled in for a long winter’s nap as it was late in the evening. We were just dropping off to sleep when our daughter discovered something that she had not realized before. She decided that she needed to advise us that “we’re sleeping on a train”. Not once, but repeatedly through the night. She was sharing the lower berth with Gayle and was convinced that “Mom” also needed to know we were on a train. Being on the upper berth, my night was so, so, but I was able to sleep a little. That was the beginning our adventure. Obviously, we have repeated this part of the story as well as other parts of that memorable trip and we wouldn’t trade it for anything.

Keep ‘em running,
Madison Parker
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1. This is your copy of the Seniors' Discount List that Joe Lienau presented at a recent meeting. Don't forget that you will need to ask for the discount. Don't assume that you will automatically get it.

2. A PDF file of pictures of some of the CAGRS members attending the Sanfilippo Residence tour.